Thursday, 26 May 2011

Chloe's picture

My friend Chloe should not be studying art!!! Nearly as bad as your fish painting, hey Chlo?!


The web allows us to broaden ourselves and personally connect with media and technology. The idea of creating a web presence is to allow students to understand that although the internet and the web is such a massive phenomena in which we are only a small part, we still have to the ability to establish personal identity and create an original media sharing platform. The only problem for me was, finding that individual flare.
The idea came to me, very slowly….. But after the idea had been conceptualise, it just took off, as I work in a fairy shop, both retail and also entertaining at children’s parties. My boss, whom literally is off with the fairies, proposed the idea of selling unicorns. Yep, she’s a bit of a whack job but from there, the idea developed into a multinational blog! Not really, but the idea blossomed! My passion for blogging only seemed appropriate to take the form of my central node in this assignment. Blogging is so socially regognised today that I believed it would have the greatest chance at reaching an audience. As Dr Tama Leaver described, blogging as a form has co-opted back into the mainstream media today and is the way of the future.
Not only could I talk about unicorns and my passion for them but I could also provide information and alike, demonstrating how “brilliant” I am. I will stop here however and inform you that yes like Santa, I know that Unicorns are a fictitious characters deployed on children. Yes, Unicorns are mythological creature and therefore, are not real. May have recovered a few marks there by demonstrating how I’m not a complete nut case!
I have chosen the blog name “My little Horny” feeding off the children’s iconic figure My Little Pony. Essentially, a unicorn is just a horse with a horn and so this works perfectly with my idea! The “horny” aspect plays to be a little cheeky and maybe appeal to the older consumer more so than children. Genius, if you ask me! This is appealing to a specific audience type which when discussed in our readings is a very important when constructing a text. It’s easy to demonstrate this through Facebook, thinking about the kind of people who view your page and just what information you reveal. I remember in one of the weekly tutorials, our tutor had told us he didn’t accept work mates as friends on Facebook. I agreed, and this is because Facebook is a social networking platform and for just that reason should remain social and free from work.
The blog format is simple, nothing fancy as I wanted to focus more on the information being presented rather than the hype and excitement of pretty pictures and distracting art. As much as this blog is a massive joke, I want it to appear formal and detailed which will enhance the “humorous” approach to the assignment.
Finding the best way to attach my RSS feed was a killer! Firstly, I had to create accounts for all of my different links like my Flickr and Twitter accounts (because I didn’t have any) and then I had major issues remembering passwords and log in names! See this is where technology is leading us. The internet is great (thanks a lot Berners-Lee) but it’s where we’re heading with everything. People are more likely to remember passwords rather then peoples names. The internet and networking assigns us with different number configurations as our only for of personal identity. I remember my university login number and password better then I can remember my phone number.  This is because my world is revolving around the internet then ever.
Ok so my web presence is a total load of crap! Not the actual creation of it, that I believe I’ve done well but the idea behind it is pure madness and thus proving my point exactly! People are able to be who ever they want online. We have the ability to change every single detail about ourselves and thanks to improved computer software; we can even digitally enhance our appearance. So my apprehension towards Web Communications is just that! How much can we trust the web? People make up shit everyday and are able to publicise it every day! In the Webs defense, it has had some fantastic life changing benefits and we really are advancing into a technological society. Creating my blog left me asking myself the same exact question I have from the beginning and now im going to leave you with it.
Where will we be tomorrow??? You said it Kevin Kelly!!

My very own drawing of my very own perfect unicorn!!!!!
C H U M B A ! ! !

Unicorn rescue

Today was very eventful. After a distressed call from unicorn owner Jane, I knew there was no time to waste.

 His Norwegian Brown Unicorn Yarni had a very rare condition where he was unable to walk as he was scared of his feet. This only effects around 3.7 per cent of unicorns but the effects can be deadly. What happens is the unicorn experiences some sort of “traumatic experience” during birth and this stops them from having a relationship with their feet!

Although Yarni found it hard to warm up to me at first, eventually we had a chat!
Yarni said his greatest fear was that because his front two legs were so bossy, the back ones were very intimidated and tried to avoid them most of the time.Yani believed that if all four of his feet were to come together at the same time, they might freak out and go crazy! This is common.

After some one on one, I managed to have the Norwegian Brown back on his feet and running around the paddock! All round a great day!

Check out some awesome photos on my picasa account!!!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Butter Perfection

I've done it! The perfect solution to your unicorns dull and life less horn!
Apply one coat of "I can’t believe it’s not butter" to the horn and surrounding areas seven times a day for 24 months!
The butter can be purchased from and the results will be amazing!!!

The butter may cause, inflamed sore, discoloration, splintering, loss of vision, rapid hair loss, dementia, blood in the urine, loss of appetite and breathing complications but the results will truly outweigh the slight negatives! ENJOY!!!!

Rainbow Brindle

One of a kind, pure bred Swissalagian unicorn, FOR SALE!!!
This little guy, Brindle, is three years old and loves to play in rainbows and eat lamingtons. He has appeared in feature films such as Legend and Oh look, There's something in The Sky, I'm Horny for you and even Free Willy 3 and despite never having a lead role, with his extensive drama background, let’s just say the future looks bright!
Brindle has placed in the Tri Unicorn Cup every year and loves a little competition. His best asset would have to be his pristine white coat and computer skills. (Quite the wiz)
The only reason I'm selling him is because he ate my dog. Brindle is natural friendly and loving, Scrappy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. So a slight suggestion, Brindle should be completely alone during feeding time.  (No biggy, just has problems distinguishing people from spaghetti)

Other than that, he's going cheap! I'll throw in a one of a kind horn ointment and a Marbaloo saddle!!!
Starting price: $124, 000, 002.30
(I'm prepared to negotiate)